California Wine Cellars – Keeping Your Wines Safe & Still

Whether you are planning to store your wine collection in a wine cellar rack, wine cabinet, or residential wine cellar, it is important to keep in mind that harmful external factors such as direct sunlight and vibration must be avoided. Since wine collecting requires time, effort, and money, it is vital to ensure that your collection is stored in good conditions. Properly stored wine will make any wine occasion an enjoyable one.

California Wine Cellars – How Light & Vibration Affect wine

Let’s discuss how direct sunlight and vibration can affect the aging of wine and ways to prevent them from damaging your wines.



APR21 WINE BOTTLESOne of the major enemies of wine is direct sunlight. Wine’s quality will be affected even when exposed to UV rays for a short period of time. It may cause off flavors in wine or wine faults. This is why most wine bottles are made of dark-colored or tinted glass, not necessarily for any aesthetic purposes.

Bottles made of dark-amber glass ensure that wine has complete protection from UVA. Wines which are meant to be consumed early are usually packaged in clear glass bottles. White wines absorb the least amount of radiation while red wines absorb the most.

To prevent decrease in wine quality, avoid exposing wine to direct sunlight. California wine cellars are an excellent place to achieve this. If you don’t have the right budget and space for a wine cellar, you may opt for a wine storage rack. Wine racks must be placed in a dark and cool room, away from harmful UV rays.


Vibrations in wine cellars, wine cabinets, or wine refrigerators should be minimized if not eliminated. Vibration is another enemy of wine in addition to direct sunlight. It alters the chemical properties of wine, resulting in undesirable flavors and aromas.

If you store your small wine collection in a wine storage rack or wine cabinet, don’t place it near washing machines, pumps, dryers, or any equipment that can disturb the sediments of your wine.

Wine cellar racks are a great wine storage solution for small collections as long as they are placed in an area where there is minimized sunlight and vibration. But for wine lovers who have growing or large wine collections and want to provide their wines the best storage conditions, investing in a California residential wine cellar is the best option. Wine cellars can be built in a basement, garage, under the stairs, small closet, or any extra space in your house.

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