Best Features of the Amazing High-Capacity Traditional Residential Wine Room in Orange, California

Are you looking to build a residential wine room for your home? Perhaps you have an incredible wine storage idea for your collection but you’re not sure where to start. Or maybe you want a wine room that can store thousands of bottles in a small area. You may be wondering if it’s even possible to create the traditional wine room you have imagined in your home. And where would you even start? Fret not, Custom Wine Cellars (CWC) can provide just about anything you’re looking for in a residential wine room – regardless if your primary motivation is style, display, or maximum storage.

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Whether you live in California or not, it’s possible to have your unique and awesome wine cellar just like what we built for a happy client in Orange County. In this incredible project, the client wanted to store his extensive wine bottle collection. So, we built him the best wine room possible that houses up to a staggering 4,500 bottles – in a room that’s no bigger than a single car garage. This residential wine room includes amazing features like the wine barrel material flooring, double-deep wooden wine racks, and a silent but powerful cooling system. With that in mind, let’s start diving into the amazing features of this high-capacity wine room!


Incredible High-Capacity Traditional Residential Wine in Orange, California

How we were able to store 4,500 bottles in a small residential wine room

Let’s start with the best part of this traditional wine room — the unimaginable bottle capacity. As mentioned, the client’s priority for the entirety of this project was to build a room solely made for storing wine bottles. With a collection worth over a million dollars, every available space was essential, and each part of the wine room should have a purpose. To provide you a perspective on this project, the client’s collection consists of several bottle sizes, including but not limited to magnums and half-bottles. 95 percent of the collection features Burgundy that required three-quarter cubicle size for storing, making it a key element during the building of the wine room storage.


This traditional wine room, in a residential home in Orange, California, utilizes a double-depth wine rack system to house up to 4,500 bottles of different sizes.

So, how were we able to make room for 4,500 bottles in a space that’s no bigger than a regular bedroom? Well, all thanks to the double-depth wine rack system. If you aim to maximize the limited space that you have in order to store the most possible number of bottles, this style of wine rack easily doubles the storage capacity without needing extra space. Stretching from the floor up to the ceiling of the room, each corner leaves no gap for unused space to allow for the maximum cache. Occupying the first depth or wine slot already gives you over 2,200 slots to work with. Thanks to the second depth, you now have a total of 4,500 to take advantage of.

With the double-depth system, it’s hard to identify which areas hold a specific type of wine, so that’s why the wine racks were divided into several sections according to the size and kind of wine. However, this is not the only way you can store bottles. The lower portion of the wine racks sports cubbyholes built with a specific height, width, and depth. One can easily tell how hands-on the client was with his collection. And if you’re also that type of wine connoisseur, you can expect us to meet the conditions you require in your wine room.

Using a ducted-cooling unit in a residential home for the high-capacity wine room to keep it cool and silent

With 4,500 bottles to store, you may be thinking that a large and loud cooling unit is required. In this case, we made sure that we installed the opposite – our cooling unit keeps the bottles cool, effective, and is very quiet – even while running. The client also wanted a specific humidity level between 60-65 percent that would keep the corks at their best condition. Going above the recommended 70 percent humidity level will let the wine age too fast, which isn’t exactly the best scenario for anyone who likes to enjoy storing and drinking wine. But going below 50 percent can mean drying out the corks, which, again, isn’t the ideal situation if you want the best quality out of your collection.


A ducted cooling unit keeps this residential wine room cool and quiet at the same time.

From inside, there’s no sign of an obtrusive cooling unit that you mostly see from other residential wine owners. With the cooling unit that we used, which is the ducted-cooling unit, we were able to keep the low-profile cooling system hidden in plain sight. The only thing you see from the room, aside from the wine racks, is a grille for the air to pass through — mounted high above the wall. Located just on the opposite side of the wall is the ducting system and the coil that bridges to the condenser outside the garage. With the loud condenser operating outside, there’s no way for the noise to reach the wine room, making up for a quiet wine cooling solution.

Spicing up the small residential wine room with unique and traditional design elements

While the client wanted the highest capacity possible for this wine room, it still needed to look simple yet beautiful to the eyes. To be able to achieve that, we used limited lighting and more wooden elements to provide that traditional theme that’s been extremely popular for many years. However, being simple doesn’t mean being boring. Residential wine rooms can be simple yet exciting when we think outside the box in terms of inspiration and ideas.


Adding a unique element like barrel flooring keeps the traditional style of a residential wine room.

In this case, we made sure that even the floor gets the special treatment. By that, we mean using actual wine barrel material for the flooring that we flattened inside and out. Aside from adding to the traditional aesthetic that we’re going for; the bright finish adds contrast against the dark finish of the Alder wine racks with Early American stain. It’s also the same stain for the Alder wood door, featuring air-tight seals that keep the humidity in check when the door is shut. And thanks to the laminated glass door, you can easily peek through the wine room and admire the amazing craft in its entirety.

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This high-capacity traditional wine room is only one of the many unique works of art we’ve created at Custom Wine Cellars Los Angeles. Each project that we are tasked with, we ensure that we always meet every requirement and condition of the clients and go above their expectations to get that high level of customer satisfaction that we set for ourselves. To achieve that, we are there with you in every process along the way, with every detail being accounted for.

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