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Wine Rack Materials, Designs and Buying Tips

Wine racks are an essential part of a wine collection. They hold and display one’s bottles in many ways. As a wine collector, your main goal is to preserve wine until it has reached its full potential. This is why high quality wine racks must be chosen. In addition to quality, one must also consider beauty and functionality. […]

Quality Wooden Wine Racks from Coastal Custom Wine Racks Los Angeles

Custom Wine Racks Design and Features For wines to develop to their full potential, they not only require a wine cellar space that has a stable environment, but also one that is equipped with the appropriate wine storage solutions.  Wine racks are specially designed to facilitate proper placement of bottles during storage.  Storing wine bottles on their side […]

Mahogany – Ideal Material for California Wine Cellar Racks

Wood is the most sought after material in wine rack construction mainly because of its affordability and workability. This material provides versatility in design options that can accommodate various preferences. Wood is also naturally beautiful and can enhance the interior of any home and convey elegance in any living space. Wooden wine racks are available in […]

Custom Wine Cellars Wine Rack Opening Sizes – Wine Cellar Builders

Custom Wine Cellars Wine Rack Opening Sizes – Wine Cellar Builders – A Processed Video Transcription Standard Cubicle Size for Custom Wine Racks. Hi and thanks for visiting Coastal Custom Wine Cellars.  We’re going to talk today a little bit about the single bottle wine storage racks.  Single bottle wood wine racks dominate the wine cellar environment typically.   Certainly there […]