California Wine Cellars – Know the Benefits of Swirling Wine

Wine is a staple at many celebrations. Have you ever wondered why a lot of wine lovers swirl wine before they drink it? Swirling wine helps make your wine tasting experience more enjoyable.

The Benefits of Swirling Wine Before Drinking It

When offered wine at a party, what do you normally do? We often see someone swirl wine before taking a small sip. Why do you think they are doing that? Is this just a wine fashion that you need to follow to be “in”? Or is there a reason behind the swirl? Let’s find our why swirling wine is important.

Before wine becomes a liquid that you often see on the table, it goes through a lot of processes. It got stored in wine barrels for several years for fermentation, then bottled and stored in your wine cellars or wine racks for storage.

How Swirling Wine Lets You Enjoy Wine in Your California Wine Cellar

Various Types of Wines in California.

Various Types of Wines in California.

Since wine is considered a “living thing” like plants, it needs air to live. The purpose of swirling the wine is to let it breathe. When air mixes with wine, it releases and intensifies the wine’s aroma, letting you and your guests enjoy wine tasting parties in your California custom wine cellar.

By introducing oxygen to wine through swirling, tannins become softer. It also releases aromatic compounds called esters and other phenolic compounds that lend the wine its unique taste and profile.

There are two types of swirls. The standing social swirl is the one that you often see during parties and gatherings where people stand while holding their glass of wine. The other type of swirl is called a table top swirl. This is often seen in bars and restaurants. It is done by putting wine on the table and holding the base of it to make a swirl.

Professional wine tasters use swirls to check the quality of wines. They will know if the wine is young or old by just looking at the color and legs of the wine after they have swirled it. They can also see if wines have sediments by tilting the wine after a swirl. Another critical part of their analysis is the wine’s smell. To get a good impression, wines have to be swirled several times. This way, you can tell if the wine is of good quality or not.

The next time you see someone swirling wine, you will know that this is not a fashion. There is really a purpose for doing it. Swirling has a lot to do with your enjoyment of wine. After you have taken a wine bottle from your wine cellar or your wine storage racks, don’t forget to swirl before you sip!!!

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