Commercial Wine Cellars and Commercial Wine Racks – What You Need to Know

What you Need to Know About Commercial Wine Cellars

Check out this Commercial Wine Cellar Capital Seafood Restaurant Irvine California

Commercial Wine Cellars – Capital Seafood Restaurant Irvine California

A wine cellar is a climate controlled room where wines are stored to preserve their quality and taste for a long period of time. There are two types of wine cellars: residential and commercial. Residential wine cellars are installed in a home for private wine collections. Commercial wine cellars Los Angeles California are mostly used by restaurateurs, wine retailers, and bar owners.

Wine cellars for commercial use have larger bottle capacities compared to home wine cellars. They require larger storage space in order to hold larger quantities of wine bottles. Commercial wine cellars can accommodate hundreds of thousands of wines for commercial and hospitality wine displays and storage.

Most commercial wine storage rooms are actively cooled. This means they are equipped with commercial wine cellar cooling systems to help regulate the wine cellar environment. Commercial wine cellar cooling units are designed to keep temperature and humidity at constant levels; thus ensuring that wines mature under the best conditions.

In order to achieve optimal storage environment, commercial wine rooms should have proper insulation and effective vapor barriers in place. Insulation helps protect against temperature changes while vapor barriers prevent condensation from forming in the wine cellar. Commercial wine cellars must also have an airtight seal to help maintain the desired conditions for storing and aging wines.

Commercial wine cellars form an integral part of the overall appearance of a restaurant or wine retail store. These wine storage rooms can enhance and improve the aesthetic quality of commercial establishments. Most of these wine cellars have glass walls, which allow restaurant or wine store owners to display their best wines to their customers.

What you Need to Know About Commercial Wine Racks

Check out these Commercial Wine Racks by Coastal

Commercial Wine Racks by Coastal

In order to showcase their wine collection to patrons, wine bottles are laid inside of commercial wine racks. Most racking systems have a tilted cubbyhole that facilitates proper orientation of the wine bottle. When bottles are laid on their side, it keeps the cork moist and prevents it from drying out.

Commercial wine racks are similar in functionality to residential wine racks, but they are more durable. Regular restocking can cause damage to wine racks, which is why racking systems for commercial use are built to withstand constant use. They are also designed for maximum storage capacity.

Commercial wine racking systems are made of either wood or metal. Wooden wine racks lend a traditional feel to any space. Cherry, pine, and maple are some of the wood species used in wine rack making. Metal pieces can create the most fluid shapes. Hence, metal racks appear to be more stylish and striking than their wooden counterpart.

Commercial wine racks come in different styles that can match or complement any interior décor. Some have high reveal display rows and label forward rack displays that allow wine retailers and restaurateurs to impress customers with their finest labels. Another example of racking style for commercial use is diamond bins, which are great for bulk storage.

Installing the right type of commercial wine display fixture can turn an ordinary looking wine storage space into a visually appealing commercial wine cellar that can create a great impression on regular and potential customers alike, which can potentially boost your business.

For more information about building a commercial wine cellar in your restaurant or store, contact our specialist today to see how we can help.