Modern Custom Wine Cellar St. Louis – The Design Components

A 926 bottle capacity wine cellar project in St. Louis, MO was recently undertaken. The modern custom wine cellar design reflects a fusion of traditional and modern settings. In order to achieve the required contemporary look, the builders decided to bring together the styles of Heart Redwood racking, Cooperage wine cellar flooring, and a seamless tempered glass wall and entryway.

For the walls and entryway of the modern wine room, the builders installed dual paned insulated glass to preserve the climate controlled environment as well as to prevent condensation from setting in. Preventing moisture build-up is important in a climate controlled environment because it restricts the growth of molds inside the wine room. Allowing molds to develop can ruin your wine collection. It can also be costly to eradicate if left to spread in hidden sections of the wine room.

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Custom Wine Cellars St. Louis Missouri 3D Drawing

In order to achieve balance and proportion, the builders decided to go with a symmetrical design. The designers opted to use single bottle wine

storage racks with high reveal display rows for the racking system. To highlight the architectural layout of the wine room, LED recessed lighting system was installed. Diamond cube racks were incorporated into the bottom half of the wine racking system, which is ideal for bulk storage.

One of the advantages of using a high reveal display wine racking system is that it allows you to store wine bottles at a 15 degree angle. This keeps the cork in constant contact with the wine and it provides visibility of the wine labels. To accentuate the wine room’s visual appeal, the label forward racking displays were situated right next to the glass walls.

The builders decided to use a CellarPro 4200 VSi self-contained wine cellar refrigeration units in order to meet the design and budget requirements of the client. To keep it hidden from view, the cooling unit was mounted in and above the ceiling using rear and front ducting kits.

Ten year old Cooperage wine barrel flooring material was installed to provide added elegance and striking beauty. This type of flooring material complements the natural soft hues of the All Heart Redwood racking system. Cooperage wine barrel flooring added a unique and distinct appeal to the wine room.

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St Louis Missouri Wine Cellar Design by Coastal