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Wine is a beverage that can only be enjoyed if they have been kept in an effective wine storage solution. There are various kinds of wine storage solutions in San Francisco, California. The most effective type is a residential custom wine cellar. If a wine cellar is properly built and has a wine cellar cooling unit installed, it can provide the ideal temperature and humidity that wines need to age tastefully. Not only are wine cellars durable and functional, they are also aesthetically pleasing.

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Wine Cellars with an efficient Cooling Unit is the most ideal wine storage solution in California.

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This customized wine room designed by International Wine Accessories a town called Tiburon, near San Francisco California, was designed to maximize wine storage capacity and also to create an ideal environment to match the rest of their client’s beautiful custom home. Budget – very important – was not so much of a factor as raw wine storage capacity, design and aesthetics had to be built upon this pre-requisite.

These particular clients had a taste for white wine and didn’t really need to store their wine for extended periods. As their wine collection started to grow however they began to also acquire bottles of red wine. At that point they began to realize that they needed to take better care of their wine.

In 2006, they had installed a Euro 2400 wine storage cabinet from Le Cache with a Breezaire 1060 cooling unit, this was designed to maintain ideal storage conditions for up to 286 bottles of wine. Now it was time though for and upgrade! Read about this full Custom Wine Cellars San Francisco Project here.

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