Commercial Wine Cellar Design Ideas That Will Help Boost Your Wine Sales

Commercial Wine Cellars California

Commercial Wine Cellar Design by California Master Builders

Custom Wine Cellars Los Angeles is an expert in building commercial wine cellars with style and functionality. Our team has extensive knowledge in building refrigerated wine rooms for hotels, restaurants, bars, and wine stores. We help owners of establishments that sell wine to generate more wine sales. Read on to learn more about the different commercial wine cellar design ideas we want to share with you! 

Commercial Wine Cellar Design Ideas for an inviting Wine Display  

As one of the most reliable builders in California, Custom Wine Cellars Los Angeles is dedicated to creating sale-boosting wine displays. We understand that the proper presentation of your wines plays a vital role in generating more wine sales.  

Commercial wine rooms target potential clients visiting your shop to purchase wines to add to their growing collection or for special occasions. The first thing that they will look at is your wine display. You want your wine bottles to be presentable and organized. You want to create a positive impression that lasts. In this article, we will provide you with commercial design ideas that will help increase your profit.    

Make Your Commercial Wine Cellar the Centerpiece of Your Establishment  

A stunning wine display at the center of your store or restaurant will add a luxurious feel to your space. We will design your wine rack system to emphasize your wine collection and invite customers to check what you have to offer.  

We usually place round isle commercial wine racks made of wood to create a focal point in traditional commercial wine cellars. For high-end retail stores and dining establishments, we can build a glass-enclosed wine cellar. We can create a commercial wine cellar design that will make your wine display look like an aquarium set in the middle of the room.  

The glass walls and doors add a luxurious appeal to wine rooms.  Glass elements are in demand in modern interiors.  

Bring Your Wall to Life by incorporating Peg Wine Racks into Your Commercial Wine Cellar Design  

If you want to display your wines on the walls, we will create a commercial wine cellar design that will amaze your customers. We offer elegant metal wine storage systems from top-notch manufacturers, including VintageView, Ultra Wine Racks and Cellars, and Cable Wine Systems. These wine racks offer design and installation flexibility. We have single, double, and triple deep wine racks to cater to your wine storage needs.   

Illuminate Your Commercial Wine Cellar with the Perfect Lighting  

The lighting system plays a crucial role in the overall look of your wine room. It is best to consult a wine cellar specialist so you can choose the right type of lighting and have it installed correctly. Too much heat and UV light exposure can damage the quality of your wines.  

At Custom Wine Cellars Los Angeles, we use LED lighting to preserve the quality of the wines you sell.   LED lights emit low heat and minimal to no UV light. Our team will design the lighting system for your commercial wine cellar to add a dramatic effect to your establishment. We can add beautiful backlighting and ribbon lighting without compromising the quality of your wines. We can build a wine display designed with a soft glow effect or one with a lighting system that changes color.  

Commercial Wine Cellar Projects Designed by Master Builders    

Commercial Wine Cellar Designs Created by Los Angeles Master Builders

Commercial Wine Cellar Designs Created by Los Angeles Master Builders

Custom Wine Cellars Los Angeles collaborates with master builders in California. One of them is Coastal Custom Wine Cellars, composed of skilled and knowledgeable designers and installers. As one of our long-time partners in wine room construction, they have proven their expertise in creating aesthetically pleasing commercial wine cellar designs.  

Commercial Wine Room with Metal Wine Racks Enclosed in Glass 

In one of their projects, the Coastal team created a stunning commercial wine cellar design with a glass enclosure. The owner wanted a contemporary wine display area to match the modern features of his restaurant. The wines in this high-end dining establishment can be viewed by guests while eating their favorite meal. 

The room measured 7 square feet and 10 feet high. After going through a careful assessment, we found out that the client wanted a commercial wine cellar design that would attract customers and create a focal point in the dining area.  

To help achieve the look that the client wanted, Coastal Custom Wine Cellars enclosed the wine display in glass. Glass wine cellars look luxurious, making them in demand in high-end restaurants, retail stores, and hotels. Modular and custom VintageView metal wine racks in Black Stain finish were installed. The wine cellar can hold up to 1,100 bottles.  

A Modern Commercial Wine Cellar Design for a Hotel  

Another project completed by Blue Grouse Wine Cellars was for a luxurious hotel. The design created for the commercial wine cellar consists of contemporary wine racks mounted to the glass walls. The glass doors allow the wine display to be viewed from the dining area. Moreover, the label forward orientation of the wine racks allows customers to read the wine description without flipping the bottle. The glass doors with bronze tint complemented the classy theme of the hotel.  

Let Us Create a Commercial Wine Cellar Design That Will Help Generate Wine Sales  

Let Our Los Angeles Builders Create the Perfect Commercial Wine Cellar Design for Your Business

Let Our Los Angeles Builders Create the Perfect Commercial Wine Cellar Design for Your Business

Our team of experts will create a well-thought-out commercial wine cellar design for our hotel, restaurant, retail store, or bar. Our primary goal is to help your business general wine sales through impressive and organized wine displays. We work with top-notch designers and builders of stylish wine rooms.  

If you need help, please call us at Custom Wine Cellars Los Angeles at (323) 825-9846.