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The Gorgeous San Clemente Home Wine Cellar Project – Making “Custom” a Beautiful Word

Custom Built Wine Cellars San Clemente California Coastal ProjectHi! What you are currently reading here is a project we recently completed at San Clemente, California. This is a project that we are particularly proud of because of the fact that we had to adhere to a set of limitations we had to contend with, yet […]

Wooden Wine Racks for Wine Lovers in California

Custom wine racks in Los Angeles, California are the ideal place for wines to rest and age. Custom wine racks paired with a well-built custom wine cellar in California, and a quality wine cellar refrigeration system creates a true haven for any kind of wines. Although wine racks can be made from various materials, the most popular type is wooden wine racks. Almost everyone loves the […]

Wine Barrel Carving for a Unique Custom Wine Cellar Design Los Angeles California

Oak wine barrels have long been used as winemaking vessels.  Wine barrels are the container of choice for the fermentation and transportation of wines and spirits.  The importance of wine barrels extends beyond the wine production process.  Long after they using up their shelf life, these barrels are utilized for other purposes, such as materials for furniture, flooring, […]