Bel Air Los Angeles Residential Wine Room with Wine Cellar Refrigeration Systems

Wine Cellar Refrigeration Los Angeles

Wine Cellar Refrigeration Los Angeles

M&M Cellar Systems is a wine cellar cooling systems contractor that is based in Los Angeles, California. They specialize in the installation of wine cellar refrigeration systems, as well as in providing repair and maintenance service to climate control systems for home wine rooms and commercial wine displays . M&M performs a heat load calculation to determine the right cooling solution for a particular wine room, while taking into account the various constraints and challenges of a storage space.

M&M Cellar Systems have recently expanded their business to include selling a line of top quality wine cellar refrigeration equipment, backed by a full service team. This allows the company to not only provide full refrigeration installation services, but also to conduct remedial work on wine cellar cooling systems.

They have recently completed a wine cellar refrigeration installation project for a client in Bel Air Estates, a wealthy district in the Los Angeles Westside. The project requires a climate control system that can efficiently regulate temperature and humidity levels inside a 10’ x 10’ x 8’ custom wine cellar space.

Efficient and Reliable Wine Cellar Refrigeration Systems

The ideal wine storage environment requires a temperature level between 55°F to 57°F, with 60% relative humidity. Stable climate conditions are essential to the proper aging of wines. Inconsistency in the storage temperature can negatively impact the aging process, and even lead to wine spoilage. Insufficient humidity can dry out corks and introduce oxidation in wines, while excessive humidity causes mold growth that can ruin bottle labels, as well as damage the wine room.

Wine Cellar Refrigeration Systems - Bel Air LA Project

Wine Cellar Refrigeration Systems – Bel Air LA Project

M&M Cellar Systems supplied the Bel Air Los Angeles residential wine room with two RM4600 cooling units from US Cellar Systems. The evaporator units of the wine cellar refrigeration systems are mounted on the ceiling, and a custom designed grille cover keeps the units hidden from view. The grille is made from the same material as the wine racking solutions, which gives the room a smooth and uniform appearance.

RM4600 Wine Cellar Refrigeration System

RM4600 Wine Cellar Refrigeration System

The RM4600 cooling unit is a split system that divides the evaporator and condenser into two separate components. This split feature allows the noise generating component of the refrigeration system (the condensing unit) to be placed in a different location (e.g. outdoors, in a mechanical room, etc.), which promotes quiet and efficient performance.

The condensing unit is located in a mechanical room on the side of the house. M&M Cellar Systems ran a 50’ line set to connect the condenser to the evaporating unit. A refrigeration line set consists of electrical wiring and copper tubing.

Each individual cooling system is installed with Sporlan controller, that allows for the accurate control of low and medium temperature climate control systems. This feature controls compressors, lights, defrost, and the fans.

Proper Support Infrastructure for a Climate Control System

Bel Air Los Angeles Residential Wine Room

Bel Air Los Angeles Residential Wine Room

Setting up the right supporting infrastructure will help wine cellar refrigeration systems function efficiently. This means applying proper insulation and vapor barriers, as well as fitting the right kind of wine cellar door.

Applying insulation to all the walls and the ceiling prevents fluctuating temperatures, and helps maintain the ideal environment for long-term wine storage. A vapor barrier is a plastic material used to stop condensation build up. The entire building envelope of this Bel Air Los Angeles residential wine room is covered with 6 mil plastic sheeting, in order to prevent moisture diffusion.

The right type of wine cellar entry door will provide a tight seal to a custom wine cellar and help maintain the proper wine storage conditions. The Bel Air custom wine cellar was fitted with a beautiful arched door with dual paned glass. Using double paned glass not only adds to the aesthetics of the room, but also provides added insulation and prevents moisture build up around the glass or the door.

Key Design Features of the Bel Air Los Angeles Residential Wine Room

By partnering with some of the best wine cellar designers and builders in the industry, M&M Cellar Systems ensure that the wine cellar climate control system fits the cooling needs and requirements of a custom wine cellar space, while taking into account the aesthetics of the wine storage space.

  • Lattice-style waterfall display rack
  • Arched wine cellar entry door with dual paned glass
  • Wine Cellar Cooling Unit – RM4600 cooling system with grille cover constructed from Redwood
  • Arched tabletop with puck lighting
Bel Air Los Angeles Custom Wine Cellar Design

Bel Air Los Angeles Custom Wine Cellar Design

M&M Wine Cellar Refrigeration Los Angeles continues to regularly maintain the climate control systems in the Bel Air residential custom wine cellar, to ensure that the wine cellar refrigeration units are always in tip top shape. The company is not only dedicated to providing high quality cooling solutions, but also exceptional customer service.