Basic Wine Accessories for Los Angeles Wine Cellars

Wine collections take years. It can be serious fun for wine enthusiasts. It is definitely an expensive hobby to pursue, but can be a rewarding endeavor. One comes out educated about the region, the wine’s origin, and component.


Wine collection can be associated with an elite group of people who can afford the expense of acquiring rare expensive wines, the old bottles from the best wine regions, and the wine cellar gadgets that can preserve and extend a wine’s life for wine lovers to maximize their enjoyment of wines.

Over the years, wine accessories or wine cellar gadgets have considerably improved and some are even invented using the latest technology. But for beginners in the world of wine collecting, one only needs a few start-up accessories.

Wine stopper

WINE STOPPERSAn unfinished bottle of wine from your Los Angeles custom wine cellar must not be left opened to prevent unpleasant taste. A wine stopper is used to cover the wine bottle after it is opened. It can be made of cork, metal, durable plastic, or glass with a tight rubber seal.

Using a wine stopper can prolong the life of the wine. For leftover wines, the flavor can be preserved or maintained with its use. The outer end of the stopper can have simple or fancy designs.

Chilling bucket



A chilling bucket is usually used while the wine is waiting to be served. It is similar to an ice bucket but usually bigger. The outside of the chilling bucket can be monogrammed with the wine enthusiast’s initials.



WINE CORKSCREWHow can one open a tasty red or white wine conveniently without a corkscrew? This is the most basic of all wine accessories. The wine collector is likely to invest in a good corkscrew- one that is stainless, handy, and actually does the job easily. It is also advisable to have several corkscrews in case one gets misplaced or if one needs to bring it for travel or out to a picnic.


WINE GLASSESWineglasses are another important accessory. The shape of the glass and size of its mouth are crucial in the release of the wine’s components that will greatly affect its flavor and taste. A wide base allows room for the oxygen to circulate, contributing to the wine’s taste.

The wineglass can be stem less or otherwise. However, wineglasses with stems can prolong the cool temperature of the wine as drinkers will use the stem for holding. Wineglasses with stems are also easier to store when not in use.

You may opt for a stemware wine rack in your Los Angeles custom wine cellar for easy access to your wine glasses. You may also display them in a quarter-round display wine rack. Visit to know the different wine rack kits.



A decanter is needed in order to hold the wine after its sediments are separated from the liquid. It is usually wide on the base with a narrow neck to preserve the wine’s quality. It should be made of clear glass or crystal to have a clear view of the wine.

These are just the basic wine accessories that new wine collectors must have in their wine cellar. Other wine cellar gadgets can be viewed by clicking here.


Remember that part of the fun of wine collecting is in the search and acquisition for something new. In the end, it will be you and your guests who will enjoy wine tasting parties in your Los Angeles residential wine cellar.