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Choosing Custom Wine Cellar Lighting Fixtures in San Diego, California

The beauty of a custom wine cellar can be improved with the proper lighting fixtures. There are various types of wine cellar lighting fixtures in San Diego, California. Iron Wine Cellars offers a wide array of wine cellar lighting options, that are durable and energy-efficient. They also custom design lighting fixtures to create personalized wine cellar lighting

Wine Cellar Lighting is an Integral Aspect of a Complete Wine Storage Solution in San Diego, California

Stunning Lighting Options for Wine Cellars by Iron Wine Cellars San Diego, California

Stunning Lighting Options for Wine Cellars by Iron Wine Cellars San Diego, California

Wines require an effective wine storage solution in order to be secure and to age properly. There are various wine storage solution types in San Diego, California, but the best place to keep wine is in a wine cellar. One of the primary requirements in order for a wine cellar to be built is adequate space. If you have an ample amount of space for a wine cellar, have one constructed in your home.

Wine cellars are the best wine storage structures not only because they are effective in providing the ideal wine storage conditions, but also because they provide an opportunity to show off your wine collection proudly. Residential custom wine cellars in San Diego, California can be designed to fit your personal preference, so that you can display your show your wine collection off to your guests and friends as the bottles rest in beautiful wine racks.

The type of wood used for construction, the kind of wine racks installed, and the choice of wine cellar lighting fixtures, are a few of the many factors that contribute to a custom wine cellar’s aesthetic value. This article will focus on wine cellar lighting. Choose the right wine cellar lighting fixtures so that you can further enhance the beauty and ambiance of your home custom wine cellar in San Diego, California.

How to Choose the Right Wine Cellar Lighting Fixtures in San Diego, California

Custom wine cellar lighting has to be carefully selected, not only to increase the aesthetic appeal of your wine cellar, but also to protect your wines. Poor lighting can damage wines in many ways. The following are tips on how to choose the right wine cellar lighting fixtures for your wine storage room in California.

1. Good Lighting Provides Adequate Visibility in the Wine Cellar Room

Ideally, a custom wine cellar must be dark and airtight. This is one of the reasons you need to have wine cellar lighting fixtures installed; so that you can have ample, wine-safe light with which to move around the storage room. Additionally, without proper wine cellar lighting, it would be hard to read wine labels. The ideal custom wine cellar lighting fixtures are those that will provide ample light to illuminate wine labels, as well as adequate light to move around the room, without damaging your wines.

2. Good Wine Cellar Lighting Produces Minimal Heat

Iron Wine Cellars Offers Various Options of Custom Wine Cellar Lighting Fixtures in San Diego, California

Iron Wine Cellars Offers Various Options of Custom Wine Cellar Lighting Fixtures in San Diego, California

Heat is the number one enemy of wine, which is why an effective wine storage space should protect wines from exposure to heat. An ideal wine cellar should have a temperature

of 45 to 55 degrees Fahrenheit, with minimal to no fluctuations.

Wine cellar lighting should produce minimal heat, so as to prevent damage to your wines. Wine storage experts recommend using Light Emitting Diode (LED) lights for wine storage rooms, since they do not produce excessive heat.

3. Ideal Wine Cellar Lighting does not Emit Ultraviolet Light

Never use fluorescent light for your wine cellar, because this type of lighting produces Ultraviolet light. Ultraviolet light can damage wines in more ways than one. First, it produces excessive heat, which can cause the premature aging of wines. It also causes reactions among the wine’s compounds, that can alter its flavor.

Incandescent lights are a better option for wine cellars compared to Ultraviolet lights, but LED lights remain the best choice. LED lamps now come in a variety of light colors, from the warm whites of incandescents (2700K), up to cool whites of fluorescents (5000K). LEDs can be dimmable and PAR (directional), to fit your lighting design needs.

4. Good Wine Cellar Lighting is Energy Efficient

The ideal wine cellar lighting will not consume too much energy per use. Many wine storage experts recommend using LED lights, because, although they are quite costly at purchase, you will save more in the long run. LED lights consume minimal energy.

5. Choose Wine Cellar Lighting that Compliments Your Wine Cellar’s Design

Wine cellar lighting fixtures in San Diego, California come in various sizes, shapes, and designs. The lighting fixtures you choose should compliment the overall design of your home wine cellar. If your home custom wine cellar has a classic or traditional design, chandeliers and wall sconces are good options to consider. For residential custom wine cellars that have a more modern or contemporary design, you may wish to have directional lighting and track lighting installed. Whatever the lighting fixtures you choose, they should create the ambiance that you want to achieve in your wine storage area. The perfect lighting design is a combination of proper location, lighting controls, and the types and designs of the lighting fixtures.

Effective Wine Cellar Lighting in San Diego, California Custom Designed by Iron Wine Cellars

Effective Wine Cellar Lighting in San Diego, California Custom Designed by Iron Wine Cellars

About Iron Wine Cellars

Iron Wine Cellars is one of the most trusted wine storage solutions companies in San Diego, California. They offer various types of wine cellar lighting fixtures, that can fit any wine cellar design. Besides lighting fixtures, they also offer wine cellar design and construction services. They offer wine storage solutions for residences, wine stores, and wine dealers. It is their goal to consistently provide quality products and services, and meet all their clients’ needs. All of their products are built to meet a balance of aesthetic appeal and functionality. For more information about Iron Wine Cellars and their products and services, contact them today, at +1 (844) 608-4199!

Types of Wine Cellar Lighting Fixtures

One of the things that completes the aesthetic appeal of a custom wine cellar is the selection of lighting fixtures installed. Besides creating a beautiful ambiance in a wine cellar, lighting fixtures can also affect the climate conditions inside the storage room. Learn about the various options of wine cellar lighting fixtures in Los Angeles, California. 

Wine cellar lighting ca

Wine Cellar Lighting in California

The Function of Proper Wine Cellar Lighting

Wine cellar lighting should be given utmost importance when planning out a custom wine cellar design. The following are a few of the reasons why wine cellar lighting is important in your wine storage room:

1. Protect Your Wines

Wine cellars are the ideal wine storage solutions because they can adequately provide the conditions necessary for wines to age properly. One of the factors that can negatively alter these conditions is the type of wine cellar lighting installed. Improper lighting can emit too much heat, which can damage your wine collection. Choose wine cellar lighting fixtures carefully to protect your wines from any potential damage.

2. Reading Labels

Wine bottle labels don’t just carry the name or type of wine, but also the value of a wine. A lot of wine collectors take pride in their wine, and in order to show it off to guests, their labels should be visible in a wine cellar. Proper wine cellar lighting provides ample light for reading wine labels without exposing them to excessive heat that can damage the wines.

3. Providing Ample Light to Move Around

Besides light for reading wine bottle labels, wine storage rooms also need proper wine lighting to provide light to move around the cellar. Good lighting is necessary especially when wine tastings are being conducted inside the custom wine cellar. It is recommended to have a dimmer switch installed, so that wine cellar owners can easily raise or lower the level of lighting as needed.

4. Creating an Ambiance

Wine cellar owners invest in beautiful wine cellar lighting fixtures because they want to make their wine storage room more aesthetically pleasing. Wine cellar lighting creates a beautiful ambiance in a custom wine cellar, and makes the overall design more appealing to guests.

The Importance of Proper Wine Cellar Lighting

 Wine cellar lighting plays an important role in wine storage structures, because the type of lighting you install can affect the effectiveness of your storage room in providing the ideal conditions for wines to age. There are various kinds of wine cellar lighting fixtures to choose from on the market. Choose the one that can accentuate the design and style of your wine cellar. 

Wine Cellar Lighting – How it Affects the Effectiveness of Wine Storage

Wine Cellar Lighting Options in California

Wine Cellar Lighting Options in California

Custom wine cellars in Los Angeles, California can provide the ideal climate conditions for wines to mature properly. These ideal wine cellar conditions can be affected by many factors, and one of them is wine cellar lighting.

Generally, wines are bottled in colored glass because they need to be kept in a dark environment, and thereby protected from ultraviolet light exposure. Ultraviolet light can damage wines, because it stimulates stable organic compounds in the beverage and causes these to produce unpleasant odors and flavors. Proper custom wine cellar lighting is able to provide adequate amounts of light for you to read wine labels, conduct wine tastings, and move around and about your wine storage room, without exposing wines to excessive heat and UV light.

When designing a residential custom wine cellar in Los Angeles, California, planning the wine cellar lighting is of primary importance. Not only will proper custom wine cellar lighting make your wine storage room more beautiful, it will also protect your wines from damage.

Custom Wine Cellar Lighting Purposes

Proper wine cellar lighting is one of the most important aspects of a wine cellar. The following are the purposes of good cellar lighting:

1. To Minimize Time Spent Inside the Cellar

When you need to get inside your residential wine cellar to get a wine bottle or to add one to the collection, or simply to check on your wines, the time you spend inside should be minimized. Your body produces heat, and the longer you spend inside the cellar, the more possible it is for your body heat to change the temperature within. This is especially true of small sized custom wine cellars.

Proper home wine cellar lighting will provide ample light for you to see where you are going and what you are doing inside the wine storage room. Consequently, the time you spend inside will be hastened.

2. To Prevent Accidents

Custom wine cellar lighting should be installed so that unnecessary accidents can be prevented. Without adequate lighting, you might bump into wine racks or tear and snag wine labels, or worse – knock over wine bottles.

3. To Beautify Your Wine Cellar

Wine cellar lighting is not only installed for practical reasons, but also for decorative purposes. Properly installed lighting, whether hidden or in plain view, can add an aesthetic effect on your home custom wine cellar in Los Angeles.

Lighting Options for Residential and Commercial Wine Cellars

Lighting Options for Residential and Commercial Wine Cellars

Types of Custom Wine Cellar Lighting

There is a wide array of wine cellar lighting options in Los Angeles, California. The type you choose will determine the mood, and overall beauty of your custom wine cellar. Here are a few of the most popular choices:

1. Recessed Can Lights

Among all the different kinds of custom wine cellar lightings, recessed can lights are the most popular. They come in various sizes, shapes and styles. Recessed can lights are easily mounted on the cellar ceiling, and allow you to highlight the areas in your cellar where they are most needed. In many wine cellars in California, recessed can lights are used as main lights, and even without the addition of other types of lighting, they can create a sophisticated look within a wine storage room.

2. Halogen Lighting System

The halogen lighting system, another popular option for wine cellar lighting in California, is a type of recessed lighting. It is a cost effective lighting system, and can effectively create a beautiful ambiance in any wine cellar. Halogen lighting systems have baffles, which are used to control brightness and minimize glaring.

Generally, halogen lights produce excessive heat, which is why they should have UV protective coating when used for wine cellar lighting, so that your wines are protected from damage. Furthermore, to avoid contact with the custom wine racks, the tracks should be at least 18 inches off the cellar walls.

3. Track Lighting

Track lighting, also known as spotlight lighting, is one of the best choices of accent lighting for high-reveal or vertical display custom wine racks. Compared to recessed lighting, track lighting is easier to install. This kind of lighting is usually ceiling-mounted, but you can opt to mount it on the cellar wall or on cables. Track lighting is very versatile, and you can change its configuration at any time. Track head can be modified and moved according to your preference. Additionally, there are various options of lamp styles to choose from.

4. Wall Sconces

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Wine Cellar Lighting Fixture in a Los Angeles, California Wine Storage Room

Wall sconces, an indirect type of wine cellar lighting, are another good option for you. Wall sconces are installed on the cellar wall, and can hold either a candle, electric bulb or electric candles. This type of lighting fixture does not occupy a lot of space, and when properly placed, wall sconces can cast a good amount of light. Wall sconces should be installed at a position that is at least 6 feet above the wine cellar floor, and at least 10 feet apart, otherwise they will make your room look smaller and, may easily be damaged.

5. Chandeliers

Chandeliers are ceiling-mounted lighting fixtures that can create an elegant ambiance in a residential custom wine cellar. Generally, chandeliers have two or more lamp-bearing arms, and a complex array of glass or crystal prisms that refract light to illuminate the wine storage room. Chandeliers come in various designs and sizes. The size of the chandelier you need will depend on the size of your wine cellar. The larger the residential wine cellar, the larger the chandelier needed.

6. LED Accent Lighting

LED, or, Light Emitting Diode, lighting systems are the recommended lighting to accent archways, arches, corners and high reveal display wine racking. LED lighting fixtures produce a beautiful glow in your wine cellar, and they generate neither excess heat, nor UV rays that can damage your wines. LED lights might be a little bit costly, but unlike incandescent bulbs, LED lights use minimal energy, and thus, you save more in the long run.

Custom Wine Cellar Designer in Los Angeles California

Wine Cellars Designed by Coastal

Wine Cellars Designed by Coastal

A custom wine cellar is the safest place to store your wines. Have a professional design your residential custom wine cellar in Los Angeles, CA. Coastal Custom Wine Cellars is one of the most trusted wine cellar designers and builders in California. Their services also include planning and installing the appropriate wine cellar lighting for your wine storage room. Contact them today, at (888) 735-8889.

Different Lighting Options for Your Los Angeles Wine Cellar

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Wine cellar lighting is an important factor of proper wine storage and an essential element of Los Angeles wine cellar design.  The right amount of lighting not only protects wines from harmful light sources but also sets the perfect mood in the wine room.  LED (light emitting diode) lighting is highly recommended because it is energy efficient and emits less heat than regular light bulbs.

Proper wine cellar lighting should produce enough light to stack and organize wine bottles, read wine labels, select the right wine bottle, and move about the storage space.  Various lighting options are available to accentuate space layout, enhance cellar ambiance, and highlight wine selections.

The choice of lighting fixtures will determine the general look and feel of the wine cellar environment.  The different types of wine cellar lighting are recessed can lighting, halogen lighting systems, track lighting or spotlights, and wall sconces.

wine cellar lighting_recessed canRecessed Can Lighting

Recessed can lighting systems are used as the main source of light in Los Angeles custom wine cellars.  Since recessed lighting is mounted on the ceiling, it can effectively highlight a particular space in the wine storage room.  It also provides the storage area with a nice, sleek look.

Halogen Lighting

Halogen lighting systems are a variety of recessed can lighting.  This lighting is equipped with baffles that allow for brightness and glare control.  Halogen bulbs used for this lighting system require UV protected coating to prevent irreversible damage to wines in your Los Angeles wine cellar.


Track lighting or spotlights offer flexibility in wine cellar lighting.  This lighting system is designed to highlight wine labels that are displayed in wine racks with a high reveal display row or vertical shelving.

It can be modified and configured to suit various lighting preferences. Track lighting works best with halogen PAR lamps because they provide brilliant illumination that is not damaging to wines.


Wall sconces provide an attractive indirect lighting to the custom wine cellar.  They are installed on the walls at uniform intervals for an excellent overall lighting effect.  Positioning these sconces at the right level can create a dramatic look and the perfect glow for the wine storage room.  Half-moon shaped sconces and full-cover opaque lens are two common styles of sconce lighting.

Important Features

DIMMER SWITCHESInstalling a light timer and a dimmer switch are effective ways to manage wine cellar lighting.  Light timers are programmed to switch the lights on and off at a certain time.  This feature comes in handy when lights are accidentally left on inside the wine cellar.  Light timers decrease exposure of wines to light and they help reduce energy costs.

Dimmer switches are designed to manually adjust the amount of light in a wine room.  These switches save on energy while providing the right light and tones in the wine cellar environment.  Adjustable lighting helps maintain the desired conditions in the storage area by minimizing heat emissions from light sources.


Keep in mind that proper wine storage calls for efficient insulation, well-installed vapor barriers, airtight seals, proper wine cooling units, and LED based lighting options.  When these elements are in place, optimum conditions will be achieved and wines will mature to their full potential.