Wine Gifts -Wine Rack and Wine Cabinet Certificates and More

With the holidays coming up, you’re likely on the look out for the perfect presents for friends and family. If any of them are wine lovers, a wine-related gift is the way to go! There are an assortment of wine-related gifts, each with their own personal touch.

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A Few Gift Ideas For Wine Cellar Owners

A personalized wine cup, for example, is both useful and meaningful. If you opt for this gift, some engraving ideas include: a warm message, a favorite quote of theirs or even an image, perhaps their favorite wine brand’s insignia.

Gift baskets are a very flexible option, especially if you make one yourself. Stuff it with some of their favorite chocolates, cheeses and nuts, nestled up against their favorite bottle of wine. A gift like this is truly gourmet, and one of the most generous wine gifts you could offer.

Looking for something to complement their wine cellar is also a good idea. You could purchase general décor, but as you might not be certain what design they prefer, something basic like a lamp is the way to go. If you want to get crafty, you can actually make them a lamp out of wine bottles. Spending time on a unique gift like this would be sure to let them know you care. Not only that, it would lend a distinct flare to their wine cellar!

Wine racks would certainly be a useful gift, if lacking a little in personal touch. Accompanied with a heart-felt card though, they could make a fantastic gift. Be sure to take a look at their Pacific Palisades California wine cellar beforehand though, as they may already have wine cabinets or plenty of wine racks of their own.

Wine gift certificates are a popular gift, allowing the recipient to purchase whatever they most need. The certificates can be used for wine, discounts on wine cabinets or wine racks, and basically anything wine-related that you can think of, that you know the recipient would like.

Wine Gifts That Are a lot of Fun, but a Bit More Pricey

A gift on the pricier end could be a set of wine glasses, each of different kinds. For instance, bubbly wine is best served in a tall, slender glass, to contain as much of the bubbles as possible. Strong red wines, on the other hand, require much wider glasses to breathe. An assortment of the two would ensure your recipient was stocked with both, and could enjoy their wine properly.

If you’re looking for a more unique gift, there are all sorts of random wine-related things, like wine bottle Christmas tree toppers, grape Christmas tree lights, wine clocks and so on. Any of these things would make Christmas a special affair, tying in all things wine-related -it would be a wine-lover’s Christmas.

A really fun gift for a wine cellar, kitchen or bathroom is a wine cork bath mat. They easily tie into the wine theme and are also water-proof and gentle on the feet. You could make one for them yourself pretty easily. Just cut leftover corks in half, sand the rough edges and glue them on a waterproof mat-pad cut to whatever pattern you want. If you want to get really creative, you could even arrange them in the shape of a wine bottle!

Whatever you get, remember not to focus too much on the cost of what you buy. If you’re short on money, homemade gifts are just as good. If you do buy a gift, custom is the way to go to really suit their tastes. If you make something, just be sure to put some real effort into it. Either way, the recipient is sure to enjoy their wonderful wine gift! Happy holidays.