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Jerry Wilson, Owner of Custom Wine Cellars by Coastal

Hi and welcome to Coastal Custom Wine Cellars! We’re going to take you on a video tour of a bathroom renovation we just completed at Newport Beach, California. This custom wine cellar Newport Beach is 5’ wide, 8’ deep, 8’ tall, and holds 482 bottles. It was cooled by a CellarPro self-contained cooling unit and vents to the outdoors.

We added a beautiful Tiffany lamp. And what we are about to look at here is the lattice style arch and just above that we had a 3 liter display, horizontal 3 liter display opening for the client.

As we pan back, we pan back towards the back wall, which is 5’, you’ll see that it’s mostly single bottle storage wine racks with high reveal display row, some label forward horizontal displays for magnums and 750 ml. And as we come back down the right side wall, which is 8’, we’ve got some bulk storage for wood case openings and some diamond bin storage wine rack.

Well, I think the lattice style arch is quite elegant. We offer several different options, but we really like that one a lot especially in this particular wine room. The wine cellar doors are Barolo style dual paned glass door.


Wine Cellar Flooring and Wine Cellar Lighting Installation

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Custom Wine Racks with LED Wine Cellar Lighting

We installed wine cellar flooring that was left over from…as part of a larger project that was going on in the home. There’s a wood case opening again. As you can see all the racks are elevated off the floor about an inch and a half.

On this particular job, we’ve added base molding and of course there’s crown molding at the top near the ceiling as well.

All the areas where you’re seeing LED wine cellar lighting are the high reveal display row areas as well as around the arch, which really set up a nice mood and a nice tone for the wine room. Thanks for stopping by! We hope you enjoyed this and if we could be of any help, please reach out. Thanks!


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