Palos Verdes Custom Wine Cellars Los Angeles Builders Project

This Los Angeles job is about style. It demonstrates very well that custom wine cellars can be varied in design style to suite the home and the owners personality. This wine cellar builders Los Angeles Palos Verdes project although constructed in Heart Redwood as a lot of wine cellars are, has a very different look and feel than the rest.

The custom wine racks consistent of 27” double deep storage, 13” single deep storage and a 6” deep horizontal display. Along the back wall across from the entry, we added 27” Double Deep single bottle storage racking beneath the Lattice Style Arch. Maximizing the bottle storage and allowing for plenty of counter-top space while in the cellar. The very elegant Lattice Arch above the counter top is a 13” deep and includes 750 ml bottle storage above and to either side. Most of the single bottle storage racks include a High Reveal Display row to feature your favorite labels. Also a great way to manage your wines as you could store like wine above and below the display row.

The side wall consists of a single deep, solid Diamond Bin wine rack. The diamonds are of a solid 1” x 12” Heart Redwood. No veneer or glue ups are ever used in our manufacturing process. Above the Diamond Bin storage are 6” deep Horizontal Displays. This allows the counter-top to continue around the perimeter of the custom wine cellar. Horizontal Displays will feature your favorite labels in a such a manner that the entire length of the bottle is visible. This display type id ideal for small wine cellars as well as they only need 6” of depth.

A stunning a dual pane glass Custom Wine Cellar Door, Knotty Alder wood framed sets of the entryway to the wine cellar. The door was stained to a beautiful Cherry finish. The wrought iron detail in the door actually includes an operable hinge for glass cleaning purposes. Master Wine Cellar Builders by nature have an attention to detail that ensure their clients are extremely happy with their wine rooms. Knotty Alder provides a more aged and weathered appearance, by nature it has knot holes and distressed areas. Other finishes commonly used for custom wine cellar doors include Clear Alder and African Mahogany’s both of which offer unique looks.

This wine cellar is fully climate controlled using a Ductless Split Wine Cellar Refrigeration System with a remote digital control and LED display of the wine cellar temperature. While the wine cellar cooling units display and controller can be placed inside or outside the wine cellar, in this Palos Verdes Los Angeles project it was installed just inside the wine rooms.

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