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Let Our Wine Cellar Refrigeration Experts in Los Angeles Build a Safe Wine Room for Your Collection

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Wine damage can be prevented by storing your collection in a climate-controlled wine room. Therefore, you should hire an experienced HVAC specialist. M&M Cellar Systems, a top-notch provider of wine cooling solutions in Los Angeles, is one of our partners in wine room construction. Learn how installing the correct wine cellar refrigeration system and insulation can prevent wine storage problems.   

Correct Installation of Wine Cellar Refrigeration System and Insulation: How Experts in Los Angeles Prevent Wine Storage Problems? 

A wine storage structure cannot function well when a wine cooling unit and insulation are not installed or installed incorrectly. Wines are sensitive to environmental factors such as light and heat. Storing them in poor conditions will cause wine spoilage and other costly damages. Working with an HVAC specialist will ensure that your wine collection is safe and the integrity of your wine room is preserved.  

Custom Wine Cellars Los Angeles works with M&M Cellar Systems in providing innovative wine cooling solutions for residential and commercial applications. In addition to the wine refrigeration system, our team understands that proper wine storage has other key elements such as room insulation, vapor barrier, wine cellar door, and lighting. Serious problems will occur if one or more of these elements is missing or poorly installed.  

Correct Choice and Installation of Wine Refrigeration System and Insulation 

Your wine cellar refrigeration system and room insulation are essential elements in proper wine storage. They both help regulate the environment inside a wine room.  

Wine will spoil when the temperature and humidity levels are unstable. Moreover, your wine cooling unit might have a premature breakdown for working excessively, you will have high-energy bills, your climate control system will break down, and the structural integrity of your wine room will be affected.  

Working with a professional builder will ensure that the ideal wine cooling system is installed and the insulation in your wine cellar is adequate. Insulation and vapor barriers separate the cold environment from the warm environment outside your wine room. We use polyurethane closed-cell spray foam insulation, which can also serve as a vapor barrier.    

Damage Caused by Too Much Heat and Light Exposure  

When exposed to too much heat, the aging of your wines will be accelerated, causing unpleasant tastes and flavors. Ultraviolet light will also have a negative impact on the overall quality of the wines. The light-struck effect, which usually happens in white wines, occurs when UV light transforms amino acids into stinky compounds, resulting in overly fruity flavors or damp cardboard.    

Sunlight and regular bulbs in wine cellars or wine shops can cause wine storage problems. Therefore, it is vital to place the wines away from windows where sunlight gets in. Using LED lights will help prevent wine damage.     

Wines are bottled in tinted glass to block light, preserve antioxidants, and protect wines from oxidation. The amount of UV light absorbed by the bottle depends on the color, thickness, and composition of the glass.  

Your wine cellar refrigeration system also plays a critical role in achieving the ideal wine storage conditions for wine to age gracefully. It regulates the temperatures and humidity levels to preserve the desirable characteristics of wines.  

At Custom Wine Cellars Los Angeles, we always make sure that our client’s wine cellar refrigeration system suits the size of your wine room and the rest of the requirements. We will perform a heat load calculation to help us calculate the BTUs needed for the project considering the size and location of the room, as well as the amount of glass installed.     

Mold Growth Caused by Condensation  

When your wine refrigeration system is not working correctly, it can cause humidity levels to soar. When this happens, your wine collection will be at risk! High humidity levels are mainly caused by installing an oversized wine cooling unit.   

The ideal humidity in a refrigerated wine cellar is between 60 and 70 percent. Anything above this range will cause condensation to build up in the walls and ceiling and on the racking, reducing the structural integrity of your wine room.  

It can also trigger mold growth on the cork and wine labels. Mold on the cork will contaminate the wine in the bottle it seals. It may also ruin the wine labels

High-Energy Consumption and Breakdown of Your Wine Cellar Refrigeration System 

If your wine cooling unit is not functioning well or is too small for your wine cellar, it will be working harder to reach the ideal temperature and humidity levels. It will cause a surge in your electric bill. If your refrigeration system is forced to work too hard, it will eventually break down and needs to be repaired or replaced.  

At Custom Wine Cellars Los Angeles, we do not want this to happen to any of our clients. Our HVAC specialists have extensive knowledge in providing innovative wine cooling solutions for any budget. 

Some of the Wine cellar Refrigeration Project We Completed with M&M Cellar Systems 

M&M Cellar Systems is composed of skilled HVAC technicians, led by Mario Morales. With extensive experience in wine cellar construction and refrigeration, we will help  

Here are some of the projects we completed: 

Wine Cellar Cabinet in Beverly Hills: Replacing the Existing wine Cooling Unit  

In this project we completed in Beverly Hills, there was an existing wine refrigeration system installed in the wine cellar cabinet. However, it was not the right size and failed to cool the wine room effectively. We also found a leak coming from the evaporator coil. We replaced the wine cooling unit with the one designed for wine cabinets and fixed the leak problem.  

Newport Beach California Commercial Wine Cellar Refrigeration  

We completed this wine cellar refrigeration project for a restaurant in a high-end hotel in Newport Beach, California. We utilized the CTE 4600 wine cellar refrigeration system, which consisted of an air-cooled indoor condensing unit. The CTE (Cabinet Top External) evaporator is made of rustproof aluminum and equipped with extra insulation to prevent condensation build-up. The coil was concealed above the wine cellar cabinet in a separate compartment so that no equipment was visible. The condenser was placed on the roof of the hotel.   

Let Us Install Your Wine Cellar Refrigeration System and Insulation the Right Way  

Custom Wine Cellars Los Angeles collaborates with HVAC experts, like M&M Cellar Systems, to help wine collectors and wine sellers create a safe environment for their wines. If you need help, please call us at (323) 825-9846.