Custom Wine Cellars with a Difference – Santa Monica Los Angeles

Now here is a wine cellar design with a difference. The Santa Monica Custom Wine Cellars Concept Wine Vault Project.

Wine Cellar Builders in California love a challenge and to create something original. This wine room built into a converted vault was a project that had everything. We often have people request that we design a wine cellar that has “designed in” security. This project however went far beyond the norm.

Wine collections can grow and house many expensive bottles of wine, these collections can also appreciate in value over time. With some of our Wine Cellar Builders projects housing upwards of 10,000 bottles these collections can become major assets that need to be protected in a secure environment.

Custom Wine Cellars with Extreme Security California

A “secure environment” can mean, secure from fluctuations in climate and in Los Angeles California it can mean protection from potential earthquake as well. There are many design elements such as wine cellar refrigeration systems that stabilize temperature and humidity and even earth quake racking that is angled specifically to reduce the possibility of damage should the building shake.

There is also security from intruders to take into account. A wine collection worth tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars may warrant special features. These can include electronic security systems, remote monitoring, purpose built secure custom wine cellar doors made of steel, iron or glass.

This particular Custom Wine Cellar designed in a converted bank vault is a real master wine cellar builders project that took the concept to a whole new level. The actual wine cellar and wine room entertainment environment housed six full walls of wine racking in two large rooms, one of which was 27′ by 14′.

Built in unfinished premium redwood, the wine racking holds an undisclosed number of wine bottles. Also the actual location of this stunning custom wine cellar was not actually in Santa Monica Los Angeles. In fact, the actual location was not included in this article for obvious security reasons.

Secure Custom Wine Cellars – Your Wine Collection Protected

If you are considering a wine room project of your own, whether it be a commercial or a residential custom wine cellar, if security is a major consideration work with master wine cellar builders. Start your project with a professional wine cellar design package that includes an eye for the aesthetic elements, good engineering and of course, solid society. Protect your investment in fine wines by working with wine cellar builders, master class.