Custom Wine Cellars Los Angeles Intro Designers Gallery

Custom Wine Cellars Los Angeles Intro Designers Gallery

Welcome to Los Angeles Custom Wine Cellars

We are here to serve all your custom wine cellar needs, from refrigeration to full new construction. Today I would like to show you some of our beautiful new designs in our gallery.

66 – Glass Custom Wine Cellars Wall Display Residential Los Angeles California

This first one is a gorgeous wall display made of glass we did in Los Angeles.  We took a small unused space and turn it into a beautiful conversation piece.

64 – Traditional Designs Collection Custom Rustic Wood Grand Style

This next one is a traditional rustic wine cellar which is warm and inviting made with this all wood finish.

50 – Los Angeles Favorite Wood Tech Cable Wine Cellars with Wine Cellar Refrigeration

Here we took a small wasted space which was under the stairs and added warmth and beauty to our client’s home.

65 – Contemporary Designs White & Glass Home Custom Wine Cellar With VintageView Metal Racking

This contemporary modern design walk in wine room is a master piece. We have all types of designs to choose from. Anything  you can dream of we can build.

Wine Racks

We also do wine racks of all types, there’s many to choose from and look at in our gallery.

Wine Cellar Doors

We have wine cellar doors of all types. From Tuscan to Coto, all wood or glass, anything you can think of.

I hope you join us on our website, scroll though, see everything we have to offer and if you would like your own free design just click here to get started or give us a call, we would love to hear from you.