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CellarPro Wine Cellar Refrigeration Units

The number one enemy of wine is heat. Therefore, a stable environment is required in proper wine storage. CellarPro’s wine cellar refrigeration units are engineered to help create the optimum conditions for storing and aging wines. Custom Wine Cellars Los Angeles has been using its high-quality products for building safe wine residential and commercial wine rooms.  Long-Term Storage Can be Safe and Enjoyable with CellarPro’s Wine Cellar Refrigeration Units  […]

A Wife Sought the Help of Wine Cellar Cooling Unit Specialists in Los Angeles for Building a Unique Home Wine Cellar as a Gift for Her Husband

A wine enthusiast needed help with her wine cellar cooling unit installation project. She contacted Wine Cellar International, one of Custom Wine Cellars Los Angeles’ partners in installing and repair of HVAC systems. The wine cellar was her gift to her husband. Learn more about the efficient refrigeration systems and other features incorporated into the design.    Specialists in Los Angeles Installed a Reliable Wine Cellar Cooling Unit in a […]