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Continuation – Steps in Building an Ideal Custom Wine Cellar in CA

This is a continuation of the article on the steps in constructing a residential custom wine cellar in Los Angeles California. The article summarizes wine cellar construction in 10 basic steps. If you haven’t read steps 1 to 5, click here! The following are steps 6 to 10 of building a custom wine cellar in […]

Steps in Constructing a Residential Custom Wine Cellar in California

Coastal custom wine cellars is one of the most trusted custom wine cellar designers and builders in Los Angeles, California. There are a lot of things that need to be considered in wine cellar construction. If not properly built, wine cellars will not be able to keep your wines safe. Here are the steps in building […]

Natural Cork Plank for Wine Cellar Flooring

Wine cellars are meant to keep wines in the ideal conditions. Besides being functional and effective, wine cellar should also be well-designed and beautiful. One of the ways you can accentuate your wine storage room is by choosing carefully the type of material for your flooring. Cork is one of the most popular choices of […]