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Innovative Refrigeration System Installed in Custom Wine Cabinets in Laguna Beach

David Gype, the owner of Arctic Metalworks Inc., together with his team of HVAC technicians recently had the opportunity to work on a challenging project in Laguna Beach, California. Four gorgeous custom wine cabinets in a luxurious home remodel had very limited space to vent air in and out. David and his team had to […]

What are the Types of Insulation Materials for Custom Wine Cellars?

Unlike most beverages, wine is very sensitive, and it needs to be stored in the ideal conditions for its quality to be preserved. Wine storage experts, like US Cellar Systems, highly recommend having a custom-designed cellar built. Avid wine collectors and trusted storage builders know that for a wine room to be effective in providing […]

Custom Wine Cellars California Coastal Coto De Caza Falcon Ridge Project

  Custom Wine Cellars California Coastal Coto De Caza Falcon Ridge Project – Processed Video Transcription Custom Wine Cellars California – Coto De Caza Falcom Ridge Project . Hi. Thank you for visiting Coastal Custom Wine Cellars California.  My name is Jerry Wilson and I’m going to take you on a short tour today on our wine cellar design processes […]

Small Businesses in Support of the Gay Community: Wineries and Wine Stores

It is a choice to live for a purpose and make a difference. In California, many small businesses have chosen to be a good example by standing for an advocacy. Wineries and wine stores, for example, have chosen to support the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transexual Community.  Small Businesses with an Advocacy – Wineries and […]

Choosing the Ideal Wood for Your California Wine Cellar

Once you have decided to expand your wine collection and want to have good wine storage like having your own residential wine cellar, there are a few things that you have to consider. One of the things to consider is the wood that you want your California wine cellar builder to use. Study, research, and canvass on what types of wood species are […]

California Wine Cellars – Know the Benefits of Swirling Wine

Wine is a staple at many celebrations. Have you ever wondered why a lot of wine lovers swirl wine before they drink it? Swirling wine helps make your wine tasting experience more enjoyable.  The Benefits of Swirling Wine Before Drinking It When offered wine at a party, what do you normally do? We often see someone swirl wine […]

Ingenious Nautical Timbers Used in Building Wine Cellar Flooring for Wine Cellars

Designing custom wine cellars Los Angeles poses a lot of challenges.  Wine lovers who want to have a wine cellar that stands out among the rest must come up with a unique concept.  This also poses a great challenge to wine cellar builders. One of the aspects considered in wine cellar construction is the wine cellar flooring design.  Wine cellar flooring gives wine cellars a certain appeal that blends […]

Wine Barrel Carving for a Unique Custom Wine Cellar Design Los Angeles California

Oak wine barrels have long been used as winemaking vessels.  Wine barrels are the container of choice for the fermentation and transportation of wines and spirits.  The importance of wine barrels extends beyond the wine production process.  Long after they using up their shelf life, these barrels are utilized for other purposes, such as materials for furniture, flooring, […]

Los Angeles Custom Wine Cellars – Wine Faults vs. Wine Flaws

As a wine enthusiast, you would want to have a good quality wine in your wine glass and of course in your wine collection. You pay a good amount of money for every bottle that you buy, thus you should expect to get a good wine inside that tall, dark wine bottle. Because of this, you should know what wine […]

California Wine Racks – Buying Tips and Advice

If you are a wine collector or just planning to start your own wine collection, you have to consider what kind of wine rack you have to avail. Some wine storage racks are readily available on the market while some can be built especially based on your given specifications. In California and other parts of the world, most wine enthusiasts […]

California Wine Cellars – Keeping Your Wines Safe & Still

Whether you are planning to store your wine collection in a wine cellar rack, wine cabinet, or residential wine cellar, it is important to keep in mind that harmful external factors such as direct sunlight and vibration must be avoided. Since wine collecting requires time, effort, and money, it is vital to ensure that your collection is stored in […]

Los Angeles Wine Cellars – the Benefits of Metal Wine Racks

Wine enthusiasts usually collect wines of various regions, colors, and varieties. They store them in their Los Angeles custom wine cellars or wine storage cabinets. Some store them in wine coolers or refrigerators, or metal wine racks depending on the size of their collection and personal preference. Some metal wine racks are stand alone units used to display […]

Wine Cellar Design – Features of Vintage Wine Cellars

Wine aficionados love to stock up on their favorite vintages not only for personal enjoyment, but also to protect the value of their wine selection.  For most wine collectors, a wine cellar is the ideal storage place because it has the right climate conditions for preserving the taste and flavor of wines for a long period […]

Wine Collection Essentials – Wine Cellar, Wine Cellar Cooling Unit

The Essentials of Wine Collection  Wine is an investment. The older it gets, the higher its value. This is one of the reasons more and more people are getting into wine collection. If you enjoy collecting wine, read through this page and learn the essentials of wine collecting. A Custom Wine Cellar to House Your […]