Have Fun at Home with Friends in Los Angeles – Host a Party in Your Residential Wine Room

Genuine wine lovers invest in the construction of a wine cellar so that they can have a safe place to store their most valued vintages. A wine collection is the pride and jewel of a vino aficionado. However, no good thing in this universe is ever truly enjoyed unless it is shared with the people who matter to us. This is why most wine enthusiasts would want to invite friends to join them and experience their prized collection. What better way to enjoy wines than a tasting party? Read through this article to learn how to host a wine party in your residential wine room in Los Angeles.  

A Basic Guide to Hosting a Wine Party in a Residential Wine Room in Los Angeles 

You sit at home and open a bottle of your favorite wine – a Chateau Montelena Estate Cabernet Sauvignon. As you take a sip of this heavenly vino, you think about how much more awesome the experience could be if you had your friends around and they were drinking it with you. You imagine the laughter, the stories, and all the fun. You conclude that your favorite vintage is best enjoyed with your pals. So, why not host a wine party in your Los Angeles residential wine room?  

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If you do have your own residential wine room in your Los Angeles home, then you can start planning a fun wine party with your buddies. Here’s how: 

1. Decide on a Theme for Your Residential Wine Room Party 

All well-organized and properly planned parties need a theme. A good theme will help make your wine tasting event extra memorable. In Los Angeles, the following are the seven classic wine party themes that are popular among collectors in the area: 

a. Blind Tasting in Your Los Angeles Residential Wine Room 

This wine party theme is a lot of fun because your guests will have no idea what they’re tasting. All the wines served will be hidden from the tasters. This is exciting because your friends will have to give their thoughts about each wine without being influenced by the price of the bottle or by the winery that produced it. You’ll be surprised at how some guests will rate a cheap wine highly while they score an expensive vintage poorly. 

b. Dinner Wine Party  

For this kind of wine tasting, your guests are served a menu of select dishes that are paired with the featured wines. You and your friends will assess how certain dishes enhance the flavor and aroma of the wine they are matched with.  

c. Horizontal Tasting Theme 

In horizontal wine tastings, guests are served with selected wines that are of the same vintages which are produced by different wineries. Your friends will compare the differences between the wines. Although they may be from the same vintages, each winery has a different style of winemaking. A horizontal tasting theme will help you and your friends appreciate the unique characteristics of the various wine producers.  

d. Vertical Tasting Party 

Unlike in a horizontal tasting, the wines in a vertical tasting are all from one winery. However, the wines served are from different vintages. You and your guests will be comparing wines based on the year they were produced. The climate conditions and the conditions of the vineyards in a certain year largely influence the flavor of the wines produced from that period.   

e. Wine Party Based on Grape Varietal 

A grape-varietal tasting introduces your guests to an array of wines that are made from the same grape. Whether it’s Syrah, Pinot, or Cabernet, this kind of tasting helps you and your friends appreciate the distinctive characteristics of a grape varietal.  

d. Wine Tasting Based on Region  

There are various regions all over the world that are known for producing quality wines. Each region has a distinct winemaking style. Moreover, wineries in the same region usually produce their wines from similar grape varietals. In a region-based wine tasting, you and your guests will try wines made from the same region.  

f. Wine Scoring Theme 

A scoring type of wine tasting is highly interactive. In this party, you will need to provide your guests with pens and score sheets. Each taster will write down their observations of the wines served. You can then set up games to help facilitate the rating and discussion of each bottle.  

2. Create a Guest List – Decide on the Size of the Los Angeles Residential Wine Room Party 

The party can be any size you want. You can invite as many friends as you like. However, you have to consider a number of factors, such as the size of your residential wine room in Los Angeles. If your cellar can only accommodate five people, then there is no need to invite ten to your tasting event. Also, you have to consider the amount of wine that is available. You need to make sure that all your guests get to taste all the wines you feature. A single bottle can serve 12 glasses with 1.5 ounces of wine each. If you plan to serve only one bottle for each variety that you’ve chose to feature, then your maximum number of guests should be 12. Remember to keep your guest list to a minimum so that they may have adequate opportunity to exchange notes and compare observations.  

3. Prepare the Appropriate Glassware 

Wine glasses are designed to enhance the wine tasting experience. They are shaped in a way to enhance the taste and aroma of the wines they hold. It is important to prepare the right kind of glasses for the wines you intend to serve. 

Invite your buddies to a fun wine tasting experience in your residential wine room in Los Angeles! Start planning your wine party today!